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Marge and Bio

1923 Family Shot

Three Baby Shots

1924 Marge and Jay

1926 Family and Gramp

1927 Posed, Converted to Greyscale

1927 Posed, Original Photo


1927 Marge on Pony Andover

1928 Jay and Marge in Melrose

1931 Jay Marge and Cat in front of house

1930 Marge's First Bible

1934 Norwich Conn.

Young Woman Montage

1932 with Cousin Doroty

1939 Standing

1938 or 39 Portrait

1937 Marge and Cat in Chicopee

1941 Marge looking Formal

1941 Graduation Day

1936 Posed Portrait

1941 Graduation News Clipping

1941 Mar29 Newclip Spfld Daily News

Flower Show News Clipping

Newsclipping Marge VP of Reserve Club

1941 ProMerito Cert.


Newsclip Marge in "Pa's A'Stirrin

Newsclip Marge Lead in M'liss

College Collage

Newsclip Marge in Spider's Island

1943, W? M(?)assom

Newsclip Marge Class Officer

Marge with Bill

Marge in Fur Coat

College Collage

College Graduation

1943 Masson College "Roomie" and Marge

1943 Marge was a nurse?

Wedding announcement and doctored newsclip

newsclip Wedding

Wedding Invite and Women's Pic.

Wedding Invite

Shower Crew Picture.

Wedding Shot

Uncle Sam gives Marge a raise

1968 Marge and Charlie Brown

Marge and Howard