Meredith and David Sept. 6, 2003

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Marilyn, Meredith and Victoria Before....

Bottoms up

C'mon We're Late!

We Found Them

They're Off

And Running.

We're Here.

The Beautiful Daughter

The Stunning Sister

Whoooaaaa Wayne

The Dock Party

Hey Look, They're Here

Did I Bring the right folder?

Here Come The Girls.

Sinia and Josephine

Heavenly Hilary

Vivacious Victoria

Marvelous Marilyn

Circle Here?????

Wonderful Wayne gives Meredith away

The Nantucket Sleigh Ride

Lean On Me



Blessing of Rings

Get on there Ring

Does this fit?

Lord Won't You Come Down Here?

Navajo Night Chant

The House of Dawn

The Kiss

More Kiss

Can You Believe They're Still Kissing?

Meredith and Dave Down the Aisle.

With Sammy

What Did We Just Do?

The Reception Line

Mike, Marty, Meredith and the Guitar.

What Did We Just Do?

Amelia and Marge

Dave with Mom and Dad

Sinia, Hilary and Josephine

Sinia, Hilary, Josephine, Marilyn, and Dave

Sinia, Hilary, Josephine, Marilyn, and Dave

Gabe and Amelia

Jessie and Victoria

Where Does This Arbor Go?

Meredith, Marian, Charlie, and Marge

Sinia, Meredith and Josephine

Meredith and Hilary

Sarajean, Curtis and Joungmin

Derek, Matt and Steve

Colleen and Louise

Neil and Family

Ed, Susan and Larry

Susan and Larry Trombley

Mike, Joaane, Lars, Terry, Linda and Louise

Joyce and Jeremy

Formal: Dave and Meredith

Formal: Dave, Meredith and Victoria

The Gang: Colleen, Matt, Dave and Sarajean

Formal: Kai, Pam, David and Meredith

Formal: The Girls.

Formal: Marilyn, Meredith, Victoria and Hilary

Hilary and Robert

Meredith and Hilary

Steve and Denise Manseau

Josephine and Sinia

V, Josephine, Sinia and

Victoria, Meredith, Marge and Marilyn

Victoria, Meredith, Marge and Marilyn

Kathy, Dave and V

The Cousins

The Sinks

The Men

The Men minus Wayne

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Elva, Dave, Meredith and George

Elva, Dave, Meredith and George

Formal: The Ginter Family (with Sammy of course)

Formal: The Ginter Family (with Sammy of course)

Marian, Dave, Meredith and Charlie

Charlie, Marian, Dave, Meredith and Marge

Victoria and Kara.

Just Husking Some Corn.

The Hill Gang.

Louise and Gene

Laurie, Charlie, Meredith, Marian, and Alan

Ed, Dave, Collen, and Louise

The Sinks

Kyle, Laura, and Jeremy

Dave and Laurie

Sarajean and Colleen

Laura and Victoria

Steve, Louise and Elaine

Jenn and Stoly?

Allan and Ann (of the Vermont Shortbread Company)

Ken, Pat, Tom and Ann

Ken and Pat Camp

Ann (of the Vermont Shortbread Company)

Marge, Wayne, Patty and Jenn?

Michelle and Gabe Roberts

Minnie, ???, Steve Dowd and Tanai.

Gene, Chris and Joe carve the pig.

Hilary and Victoria hang out.

Mary Chase, DJ Extraordinaire.

The Toast

Elaine and Ted Bruckner

James and Tracey (expecting), Amy and Paul

V and Joe

The first dance.

still dancing

and dancing

Everyone join in.

Dave and Marge

Charlie and Meredith

Dave and Marge

Charlie and Meredith

Charlie Meredith and Marian

Meredith and Alene

Dave, Meredith, Laurie and Victoria

The Garter Comes Off.

Take Aim



Dave and V (with Garter)

Meredith and Tanai

Tanai and V

Ok Mary, show us how to dance.

Shake it up.

The Cake (from the Vermont Shortbread Company)

Derek and Sarajean Shepardson

Cutting the Cake

Sharing the Cake


The crowd eggs them on.

Dave and Meredith

Linda, Meredith, Victoria, Alene and V

Liza and Pat

Joe and Mary Chase

The Beauty of Youth

Dave, Ann, Pat, Tom and Ken

Gene and Joe

Steve and David

Kyle and Kara

George and Linda

Laura and Marilyn

Duane, Meredith, Dave (in veil), Kathy and Steve

The Sailors: Lars, Dave and George

The NMC gang

A Boston Gang: Amy, Dave, Linda, Paul, Elva and Ed.

Petey and Robby Pawle, Dave and Meredith

The Leaches

Let's get down.

Cliff, Sarajean and Derek (Hey, who took that picture?)

Dave and Cliff

Derek, Sarajean, Colleen, Dave and Cliff


Ring Shot

Alice, David and Bebbeh.

David and Bebbeh

Michelle and Gabe Roberts, Gene and Marilyn Sink

Matt Pondering Great? Thoughts

The Last Dance