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Gemini, Sweetie, Allegra, Zephyr, Jasper and Sambuca's Page
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Allegra June12, 1976 to July 18, 2008

Allegra came to our Barn just in time for Thanksgiving 2006. She was full of Love and Joy until the very end. She enriched our lives and freely gave her love and joy to all who met her. Thank you Deb for allowing us to share in Allegra's life.

She has gone home now, where every day is Apple Day.

Sweet Sambuca Spice Born 6/11/2008
Video of Sambuca's First Journey out of the Barn (18 hours)

Jasper Moon Born 7/12/2007

Zephyrus Dancer Born 6/10/2006

Gemini Large with Jasper

Pregnant Sweetie Pie

Barn Building